One and Only feat Martin Fry of ABC

Martin Fry of ABC

High school in the 80s for me were some of the best times of my life.  I had many heroes musically. One of my heroes was Trevor Horn (Art of Noise, Grace Jones) who was and still is one of my favorite producers.  One of the greatest albums he has produced to date was The Lexicon of Love by ABC, which had the hit Poison Arrow. Martin Fry was the singer on that record and I said to myself that one day I would work with him.  Well that day came in 1999.

So, working on the Re-Member’s Only album,  I did this song with Martin in mind.  I actually forget how I got in touch with him.  I think it was through Alison Moyet’s manager at the time Claire.  Anyway,  I called and sent the song over.  He loved it and wanted to come to NYC anyway for Xmas shopping for his kids.  So he flew from London to NYC and then took the train later that week to work in the studio.  I went to pick him up and it was like out of an ABC video.  He came up from the escalator in full ABC fashion. I was geeked.  Took him to South Street and hung out a bit.

I was working at Larry Gold’s Studio in the A Room and ?estluv and Vernon Reid were in the B-Room.  I told Ahmir (?est)  who I had in the studio and he flipped out.  He, like me, was a huge ABC fan.  He came into the session with Vernon and they talked about his Soul Train appearance and everything.

Anyhow, we got to work on the vocals.  As soon as he sang, it was like a timewarp back! Lady Alma came in to do the backgrounds and counter vocal.  He wrote the lyrics which related to a very personal story.  Clever to say the least!

I did the track with keeping the 80′s in mind (using Linn Drum Machine) and utilizing the original synths (Roland JX3P and Mini-Moog).  When I programmed the drums, Prince was a definite influence on the rhythm.  The guitar is very ABC and Philip Charles on bass.


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