Marvin Gaye x Ostende, Belgium

I was just in Ostende, Belgium,  where I discovered that Marvin Gaye lived there for 2yrs, writing some hits. My friend Elisabeth Ouni (A Polaroid Story), told me about the documentary Remembering Marvin Gaye by Richard Olivier, which follows Marvin’s life while writing in the sleepy beach town. Here are some excerpts from the film. The photo I took the other day and I believe he played there.

photo by King Britt


  1. yamo says:

    great night KING ! keep the spirit alive ;)

  2. Olivier says:

    Real good stuff man, didn’t know about the documentary! I’m from Antwerp, Belgium myself and Ostend is indeed going a beat or two slower as mister Gaye said in the documentary. Perfect place to do some deep thinking or write a classic like ‘Sexual Healing’.


  3. alex says:

    Nice post, the entire documentary about Marvin in Ostend is online by the way, it’s a must-see if you ask me:

    (And an interview with the maker of the film:

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