Sister Gertrude Morgan Experience

When I produced the King Britt presents Sister Gertrude Morgan album in 2006, I had no idea the impact this record would make.  A painter and street evangelist, Sister created a very moving original album, called Lets Make A Record in 1970 on Preservation Hall Recordings in New Orleans.  The record was just her singing and tamborine.  Then in 2006,  I get the call that changed history.  Andy Horowitz from Rope-A-Dope heard the original and came back from his trip to NOLA with an idea.  He asked me to produce and re-produce her old recordings into today’s context.  I listened and was blown away by the emotion she had.  I called up Tim Motzer, my guitarist and co-producer on the album.  We then got busy on what is now an NPR classic record.

King Britt Presents: Sister Gertrude Morgan - King Britt

When recording the album,  we imagined her in the studio with us, which made for a very organic sounding final result.  She passed away in 1980 but trust me she was definitely at this recording session.  It was also recorded before the floods, which seemed to be prophetic in a way.

The album went on to become what is now one of those treasures that keeps popping up everywhere.  Having been placed in Michael Mann’s Miami Vice to HBO’s True Blood series,  this album keeps giving and spreading the gospel.

Most recently appearing in The Oxford American Southern Music cd series.  Sister was born in Alabama,  so Precious Lord, is featured on the cd and amazing article in the accompanying magazine.

Her artwork continues to inspire and is featured in museums from here to europe.

We toured worldwide in 2006/7,  spreading the positive vibes, missionaries in a way.

For those who have not heard the album,  please investigate.  For those who can come to the show,  please come.  For those who know, continue to spread the word of this great woman.


  1. JMoneyRed says:

    Can’t wait! See you then!

    Love the history of this project… had it since in came out… see you in a few days KB :)

  2. pheel says:

    a facinating story that i 1st heard today (13/07/2011), thanx to FB. got a kinda shiver when Mr. King was talking about that organ captured off the radio… wow! would have luv’d to be a fly on the wall for that one.

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  4. SpiderPack says:

    Thanks King Britt.
    Sister Gertrude haunts my days in a good way.Thank you for your good work. Her lyrics fit nicely in your music, to say the least.

  5. Alison Scott says:

    I bought this record in 2009, and it remains one of the most spectacularly moving pieces of music I’ve ever heard. I also bought the Sister Gertrude “unplugged” record of her singing unaccompanied. Thanks for your wonderful work.

  6. gertrude says:

    thanks a lot!!!!

  7. irmelin says:

    thank you so much, this record is more than magic!

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